—The Aronia berry claims a ‘Superfood’ status; one of nature’s most powerful berries due to the highest concentration of antioxidant values ever recorded for any other fruit in the world, also have the highest anthocyanin concentrations (pigments), and are very high in proanthocyanidins (tannins), in addition to a lot of other polyphenols and high levels of Vitamin C.

The Aronia berry juice is 15 times higher in antioxidants , even when pasteurised (documented UK proof of this claim is available , for the Snowdonia Aronia Berries ) compared to the Blueberry juice.

Native to North America and grown in Eastern Europe, the Aronia berries have thrived on Welsh soil. They were planted here on the outskirts of the historic and Royal town of Caernarfon, North Wales as part of a farm diversification project lead by ‘Menterra’ and the University of Wales Bangor, almost 11 years ago.


There are currently only two commercial plots in the UK and a small known cluster of growers in Gwynedd , North Wales .