Our Story


We are newly established,  officially launched our products branded Easter 2015 , after test trading with ‘Cywain’ ( ‘Cywain’ is a ‘Menter a Busnes’ project that has been developed to support the development of new agricultural and fishery products in Wales, funded by the Welsh Assembly Government) during December-March.

We are a small family business,  Angela with Daughters Victoria and Anna,  who have devised an exciting line of Welsh food products made from selectively handpicked Aronia berries which are home grown under organic conditions on the foothills of Snowdonia to create unique products that everyone can enjoy.

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Elin , Victoria’s Daughter happily handpicking Aronia Berries (Summer 2014)

Native to North America and grown in Eastern Europe, the Aronia berries have thrived on Welsh soil. They were planted here on the outskirts of the historic and Royal town of Caernarfon, North Wales as part of a farm diversification project lead by Menterra and the University of Wales Bangor, almost 11 years ago.

During August we have a limited time to delicately hand pick each berry , it takes an hour to harvest 1 kg.

We then prepare our berries at Victoria’s home kitchen located in the idyllic Nantlle Valley, to create the most unique food products .

Handmade in very small batches and hand crafted to the highest quality,  no mechanical interference what so ever , we hand wash and label every single jar and bottle.

Each bottle and jar is given its individual premium element by a unique number of production, as we only produce a limited number annually & to ensure authenticity.

Our idea came from an inspirational moment , after visiting a local produce food hall  at a agricultural show. Angela had always wanted to create a food product from the berries , something that all the family could enjoy , on this day we looked at each other and knew this idea was the one. Victoria experimented with various techniques and ingredients then finally we created a fruity vinegar like no other, with an unusual chutney to follow.

Our fruity Aronia vinegar and whole berry chutneys are the first products of their kind in the UK & made in Wales. The unique taste experience….it truly is.