How we like to use it….

Beri Da Fruity Aronia Berry Vinegars –

Try it with almost anything ,

Vinegars have traditionally been used as a historical tonic -ours is also known to be used as a daily Tonic neat or with warm water  , possibly a great ‘pick me up’!

  • Add to rapeseed oil, lemon grass and chilli – for an taste tantalizing salad dressing
  • Dress your favourite seafood
  • Marinade your favourite meats,  perfect match for a Prime Steak
  • Add a dash to any fizz , we love it with Elderflower and Pear sparkling water or even create a simple Cocktail with White Rum & Soda or Whiskey & sparkling cucumber
  • Warm brandy and cherry
  • Drizzle over Strawberries, meringue and cream
  • Drizzle on Raspberry Sorbet
  • Poach beetroot
  • Has been used in The Langham by Michel Roux &  Team to poach Venison – Featured for the England Ruby team special meal (Nov 2015)


Beri Da Whole Berry Chutneys –

  • A side to curries of the world
  • Wizz up textured salad dressings
  • Add to your Stuffing mix
  • Bring flavour and depth to gravies and sauces
  • Simply team with cold meats and fine cheeses
  • Use as a glaze

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